G.S.Science, Arts & Commerce College, Khamgaon
Vidarbha Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

Reaccredited by NAAC with Snowgrade CGPA (3.08)


Affiliated to
Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.
College code : 301

Media Center

To facilitate the integration of ICT in teaching-learning process, a Media center isestablished in our college in the year 2018. The center is equipped with various facilities which can be used in development of the various educational materials like PPT, Video lecture, Audio clip etc.

    Media center facilitates

    Low-cost media center established by procuring necessary accessories for audio/video recording/ editing. Existing infrastructure like computers, laptops, personal mobile phones, DLP etc used for the media center.

    Media Center equipments

    Hardware :

    • SONY Handycam HD9.2 Megapixel.
    • Digital Photo/Video Tripod
    • Desktop PC or Laptop
    • Croma Curtain
    • Speakers
    • USB mike, Cord less mike, Collar Mikes
    • Android Mobile

    Software :

    • Camtisia Studio 9.0(Trial Version)
    • Audio MP3 Voice Recorder & Editor i.e.Lexis Audio editor
    • HD Quality Video&Sound Recorderi.e.Cinema FV 5 lite
    • Microsoft Power Point
    • Screen recorder software
    • Kine master or Power Director

    English Language Laboratory

    The English Language Laboratory has been established in the Department of English with financial assistance from the UGC under the Career Oriented Programmes Scheme. The college also contributed equal amount for the construction of the lab. It was inaugurated on 26th January, 2012.

    The purpose of this lab is to enable the students and teachers of English to make use of modern technology for the teaching and learning of English. The lab has 20 computers equipped with Sanako Digital Study 1200 Language Lab softwarethrough which the teacher can share audio-visual and other kinds of course material with the students. The students can perform various tasks like listening comprehension and pronunciation drills online. The teacher can monitor the tasks in real time and intervene when necessary. The use of technological tools like this software makes the teaching and learning of English, fun and adds sophistication to the whole experience.

    Students of all faculties and classes use the English language lab as a part of the Career Oriented Programme in Functional English and also in their free time. The lab is also used to conduct various online exams and other necessary tasks.