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Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.
College code : 301

  National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Pineapple The National Cadet Corps is one of the largest youth organizations in India. National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth “The Leaders of Tomorrow" into disciplined and patriotic citizens. After independence the present day NCC is under the Ministry of Defence. NCC came into existence on 16 Apr 1948 through NCC act XXXI, 1948. It is a youth movement. It has enormous potential for nation building and has developed into a valuable auxiliary to the education system. Today the NCC has more than 16 Lakh strength. National Cadet Corps (NCC) day is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday in the month of November.


The National Cadet Corps is headed by a Director General, an Army Officer of the rank of Lieutenant General, who is responsible for the functioning of the National Cadet Corps in the country through the National Cadet Corps Headquarters situated at Delhi. At the State Level, the country has been divided into 17 Directorates covering all States and Union Territories. Each of the State National Cadet Corps Directorate Headquarters controls two to fourteen Group Headquarters. While Directorates are commanded by Brigadiers or their equivalents, the Groups are commanded by Colonels or equivalents. Army unit is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel or equivalent, Air Force unit is commanded by Wing Commander or equivalent and Navy Units is commanded by Captain or their equivalents. In college and school NCC troop is controlled by Associated NCC Office (ANO).

Aims of NCC

1. To develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and ideals of selfless service among the youth of the country.

2. To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and always be available for the service of the nation.

3. To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.

History of Department

The NCC Department is one of the pioneer departments of the college. It is established in 1956.This department is under the control of 13 Mah Bn NCC Khamgaon. Our group headquarter is Amravati. Lt. Suhas M Pidhekar took the charge of NCC unit. Date: 20- Feb 2019 to Got Commission on 10 May 2021. The NCC department of the college has access to 160 cadets including both boys & girls. The department is in full progress in its glory. The department has contributed significantly to various activities. The NCC is open to all regular students of the college on a voluntary basis. Every year in the month of July the students are informed about the fresh enrolment (only for the first-year students). Here cadets are trained like soldiers and trained to face any kind of hardships that come their way. Apart from regular parade training the cadets of the college also take part in various activities as, weapon training, national integration, historical, geographical and religious background of India, leadership training, first aid, aid to civil authorities, civil defines, ecology/nature awareness, self-defence, giving information about NCC, hygiene and sanitation, social service, adventure training, map reading, field craft, firing, military history. The cadets of the college actively participate in various national camps and competition.

G. S. College NCC, Unit
Programme Officer
Pineapple Pineapple
Lieutenant. Suhas M. Pidhekar CTO- Dr.Rohini R. Dharamkar
Assistant Professor M.Sc. Chemistry, Ph.D.
M.Sc.-Zoology, NET-JRF, SET, GATE

Total Strength : 160
Structure of training : NCC is three-year course.
Boys (SD) : 112
First Year : Introduction and Parade training.
Girls (SW) : 48
Second Year : Parade training, Service subjects, various camps, “B” Certificate examination.
Association with : 13 Mah. Battalion NCC, Khamgaon
Group: Amravati

Third Year : Parade training, Service subjects, various camps, “C” Certificate examination.
Certificate Examinations :
1. “B” Certificate: To appear cadet must have undergone training of two years in senior division/ wing with minimum 75% attendance. Must have attended one Annual training Camp.
2. “C” Certificate: To appear cadet must be in possession of “B” Certificate. Must have 75% attendance. Must have attended two Annual training Camps.

Employment :

(A) Vacancies reserved for commission in Defence Forces for NCC `C’ Certificate a) Army 64 per year- Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun through UPSC and Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview. 100 per year - in Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai for Short Service Commission Non-Technical No UPSC Exam, only SSB. Navy -6 per Course. No UPSC Exam, Only Naval SSB.

b). NCC `C’ Certificate holders with minimum `B’ Grade are exempted from appearing in Written Examination conducted by UPSC for SSC (Non-Tech) Course of OTA Madras through NCC Special Entry Scheme. There are 50 vacancies reserved for one course. Total vacancies are 100 per year.

Army a) The candidates who are NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders seeking enrolment for Sol(GD) are exempted from Part-I of the written examination and will be placed at the top of the merit list. But, as far as Sol Clk/SKT/Tech/NA are concerned, they will not be exempted from Pt-I of the written exam, but 10% bonus marks will be awarded of the total marks earned in the written exam for overall placement in the merit list.

b) As far as NCC ‘A’ and “B’ Certificate holders are concerned, the percentage of bonus marks will be awarded as under with a view to improve the candidates overall order of merit:-

(i) Soldier GD Category:- 8% bonus marks for NCC
(ii) ‘B’certificate holders and 5% bonus marks for NCC ‘A’ Certificate holders will be awarded on the basis of the total marks scored by a candidate in physical and written examination.
(iii) Soldier Tech/NA/SKT/Clk:-10% Bonus marks as per percentage given in para 3 (b) (i) above will be based on the total marks scored by a candidate in the written examination only.

(B) For ORs, Sailors, Airmen 5 to 10% bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
(C) Para Military Forces 2 to 10 bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
(D) Department of Telecommunication Bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
(E) CRPF NCC Cadets holding third division degree eligible for recruitment to gazetted post.
(F) National Cadet Corps Civilian Gliding Instructors/Girl Cadet Instructors and NCC WTLOs.
(G) State Governments Preference in State Services in certain states. In Maharashtra Police 10 Marks are awarded during recruitment.
(H) Industry Some Industries give preference to NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders for various jobs.

Scholarships for NCC cadets :

1. Sahara Scholarship- Rs. 6000.
2. Cadets Welfare Society Scholarship- Rs. 6000.
3. Chief Minister Scholarship- Rs. 6000.
4. DG, NCC Scholarship- Rs. 6000.
5. Best Cadet Cash Awards are given to two cadets from each category i.e., JD, JW, SD, SW in every Group HQ with Rs 3,000/- to each Best Cadet and Rs. 2,000/- to each 2nd Best Cadet. A total of 760 cash awards are given every year.
 • Rs 2000/- each for SD/SW Cadets
 • Rs 1500/- each for JD/JW Cadets
 Rs 500/- each cadet

Bonus Marks in University Examinations :

1.Participation in NCC for one year 5 marks

2.NCC ‘B’ certificate holder 3 marks and NCC ‘C’ certificate holder 5 marks.


SUO. Mayur Wankhade SUO. Ajay Devtalu SUO. Rishikesh Dali SUO-Ganesh Belokar SUO- Surbhi Devre
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