G.S.Science, Arts & Commerce College, Khamgaon
Vidarbha Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

Reaccredited by NAAC with Snowgrade CGPA (3.08)


Affiliated to
Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.
College code : 301

Best Practices of the Institution

PineappleEmpowering Women through Self-Employment to Self-dependence

There is a pressing need for the women to be self-dependent through self-employment. With this aim, the Women's Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development Cell of our college works for the benefit of our female students and other women from the local community. The cell promotes creativity among the students and other women keeping in view, the growing demand for handicraft in the society. Women's Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development Cell is working in the institution since 2002. It was formally recognized in 2005. A self-employment training center works under this cell. The cell organizes trainings for our girls as well as other women from the local community.


PineappleWater Harvesting

Khamgaon is a draught-prone area and the average rain fall here is below average. Keeping this in view, we undertook extensive rain water harvesting projects so that maximum water on our campus should be harvested to increase the ground water level. Our campus area is 97.68 acres. There are five major rain water harvesting projects on our campus:

  • Behind Library Building- which harvests all the rain water from the library building and the surrounding area.
  • Behind the Department of Zoology- which harvests the rain water from the main building of the college.
  • Near the Swimming Pool- which harvests the rain water on the college playground and the area behind the main building.
  • Opposite Canteen
  • Near Girls Common Room.

We have constructed a cement watershed behind the swimming pool and another huge watershed of 43,40,000 lakh liter capacity near the Botanical Garden of the college. Recently, we have constructed a new watershed of 1,40,00,000-liter capacity behind our library building in collaboration with Bhartiya Jain Sanghtana. We have, in all, constructed 3 water harvesting projects, one cement watershed and another Kolhapur pattern watershed.


PineappleStudent empowerment through Financial Aid

We noticed that there is a significant number of the poor and needy students who get little or no financial assistance from the government for their education. Hence, we decided to setup a fund called Poor Students Aid Fund in our institution in order to provide financial assistance to such students.

We made an appeal to our faculty and staff members to give voluntary financial contribution every year to the Poor Students Aid Fund to which, all of them responded positively. The College Employees Credit Cooperative Society donates Rs. 10,000/- every year from its surplus dividend. The management also contributes Rs. 10,000/ every year. Thus, the fund was setup in 2011 and a committee for inviting and scrutinizing applications from the needy students was setup. The committee selects the beneficiaries and they are given Rs. 1000/- each as financial assistance. This limit is sometimes waved depending on the case.


PineappleEnergy Conservation through the Use of Solar Energy

Khamgaon has high temperature throughout the year. Ample sunlight is available. Moreover, we have a large campus area of 97.68 acres and due to the expansion of the infrastructure and other facilities; our energy consumption was increasing rapidly. Hence, it was necessary to explore the possibilities of the use of non-conventional energy sources and minimize the use of the conventional energy as much as possible.

We decided to install 20 KW+ 10 KW (Swimming pool) solar power panels on our campus use solar energy as much as possible routinely. For this, we raised funds from our alumni as well as philanthropists in the town and installed the said solar panels. Total expenditure for installation of solar panel was more than 17 lakh. Most of our power requirement is now met through solar power.