G.S. Science, Arts and Commerce College, Khamgaon

Reaccredited by NAAC with B grade (CGPA 2.82)

College Development Committee

Shri. N. S. Bobdey Chairperson
Dr. Shri. S. S. Bobdey Secretary, V.S.P.M. Khamgaon
Dr. D. S. Talwankar Member-Secretary
Prof. Shri. D. S. Patil Head of Department (Nominated by Principal)
Dr. G. B. Kale Teachers Representative
Dr. S. T. Warade Teachers Representative
Prof. Sau. P. A. Taori Teachers Representative(Woman)
Shri. S. T. Mulik Non-Teaching Representative
Shri. S. N. Bodade Local Member (Fields of Education)
Shri. V. S. Sharma Local Member (Fields of Industry and Alumni)
Dr. P. M. Ardhapurkar Local Member (Fields of Research)
Shri. A. P. Zunzunwala Local Member (Fields of Social Services)
Dr. H. S. Chandak Co-ordinator, IQAC

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